Looking for a new and effective way to…
Generate inquiries from interested prospects?
Give your sales team a valuable marketing tool to share
with potential customers?
Achieve improved ROI from your company's content?
Increase awareness of your company’s unique approach to solving
  your customers' business challenges?

Deliver a memorable marketing message that entertains and informs?
Build backlinks to and drive customer traffic to your website?
Improve your website’s search rank?
Gain a powerful edge over your competition?


100% digitally recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered.
Enhanced for mobile, tablet, and desktop listening.
Optimized to be listed and found on Google, Bing, and Yahoo
using your top-ranked keywords.
Clear, concise, and convincing content that prompts listeners
to contact you for additional details.
Fast, informative, and entertaining.

"Podcasts shouldn't drone on as long, drawn-out, audio versions of extensive blog posts.  Instead, to maximize lead generating opportunities for B2B companies, podcasts should be quick, informative, and entertaining. This content should then be optimized to be found across major search engines, and the audience can listen and learn from any device with an Internet connection."
                                                          - Renee D., Online Content Management Professional (2/1/13)

For more information about how VC Inc. Marketing’s
B2B Lead Generation Podcasts
can deliver valuable business-building benefits
for your organization, talk to us.

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